tantric xdating

He always says: if the girl let you pay the coffee, she is not my type. After paying the bill, he always invent some excuse and dissapear. One evening, he met a girl who dont let him pay her coffee and get surprised! This is my kind of girl, he thought, the one a try to find with xdating.com, and invited her to walk for a while. It was a very nice night, not too hot, full of stars with a great moon. They talk about philosophy, the government, religion, and sex, of course, it was an xdating. It seems that she never had a real orgasm, and he was a good reader of oriental philosophies, and tantra sex, so both agreed in making a try. They started relaxing, using some special fragances and massages, under the light of some candles. Then kissing very softly while touching each others body, very slowly. He did oral sex to her until she get ready. Then penetrated her while kissing her nipples. They switched positions and she gets on top. Her face shows she was very horny, near to explode. He started to make little movements and she gets there. Her first orgasm. It was a real tantric xdating.
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